New Non-Fiction: Orgy of Cannibalism in the Nickle City!



Here’s another little something just in time for Halloween. My piece “Orgy of Cannibalism in the Nickle City” is featured in the latest issue of Anyone, an arts and culture zine based out of my hometown of Sudbury, Ontario. Check it out, it has some truly great stories and perspectives on the city.

My piece details the wild creation of Canada’s first zombie film, Corpse Eaters. It was a blast to research and write. I had the opportunity to speak to several individuals involved and pretend like I was a journalist who knew what he was doing. I hope you enjoy! And if you’re interested, the film can be found on YouTube or purchased by following this link.

Have a happy Halloween! And don’t follow my example by drinking enough pumpkin liquor to give you alcohol poisoning. If blood is more your thing, remember you can only safely drink a Gatorade bottle full before Mole People show up and juice you like a lemon. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Check out the zine here!