Nightmares in Ecstasy Cover.jpg

Nightmares in Ecstasy Clash Books, 2018. Ebook and Paperback.

Short Stories:

“Fuck Shock” Splatterpunk #6, 2015 (Out of Print)

“Rebound” Dark Moon Digest #23, 2016 Print

“The Androgyne” Splatterpunk’s Not Dead, 2016 Print | Kindle

“Placenta Bride” Forest of Sex and Death, 2017 Contact to Purchase

“The Black Waters of Babylon” Dead Bait 4, 2017 Print | Kindle

“Piss Slave” Strange Behaviors: An Anthology of Absolute Luridity, 2018 Print

“Stag Loop” Tragedy Queens: Stories Inspired by Lana Del Rey and Sylvia Plath, 2018 Print | Kindle

“Earworm” Zombie Punks Fuck Off, 2018 Print


“Orgy of Cannibalism in the Nickle City!” Anyone, Issue 3, 2016 Read Here


“The Kingdom of Swine” Infernal Ink Magazine, 2015 (vol. 4, issue 2) Print | PDF | Kindle

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