Book Review: Embry: Hard Boiled–A Weird Little Egg Cooked Just Right


Head over to CLASH media and check out my review for Michael Allen Rose‘s latest slice of bizarro goodness, the comedy noir Embry: Hard Boiled. Micheal is a great dude, and his fiction is really fun and unique. If you’re a fan of bizarro fiction or want to shake up your reading habits a bit, do yourself a favour and pick up some of his work.

And, if I’ve successfully made a fan out of you, consider heading over to his Patreon page and feeding the beast so he can continue making some weird, awesome art!

Thanks everyone! And, as always, watch out for Mole People.

Northern Frights Festival 2016


On October 22nd, the second annual Northern Frights Festival was held at the Sudbury Theater Center. I had the privilege of being one of the judges, along with Pierre Dubuc, founder of Graphic-Con Sudbury. The lineup consisted of short films ranging from one-minute horrors to others approaching the twenty minute mark. They were all incredibly eclectic; a real melding pot of unique voices and visions.

As far as I know some of them can be found online. The lineup and winners are listed on the event’s website. If you’re into horror I recommend checking them out. You’re in for a few hours of entertainment.

I’m eager to see where this festival goes in the future. The attendance is growing every year, and submissions have been pouring in from around the globe. Genre entertainment doesn’t get the attention it deserves here in Sudbury, but the festival’s founder, filmmaker David Briggs, is starting to mend that gap. Hopefully we can make this city a little scarier, but in a good way. I’m not talking about how shitty the roads are, or the fact that people here make noise complaints if someone farts too loudly after eleven o’clock. I’m talking the FUN kind of horror.

Sudbury has a decayed majesty perfectly suited for the production and dissemination of horror films, so let’s welcome events like Northern Frights with open arms. They’re the perfect deterrent for the impending insanity that comes with living in Northern Ontario.

New Non-Fiction: Orgy of Cannibalism in the Nickle City!



Here’s another little something just in time for Halloween. My piece “Orgy of Cannibalism in the Nickle City” is featured in the latest issue of Anyone, an arts and culture zine based out of my hometown of Sudbury, Ontario. Check it out, it has some truly great stories and perspectives on the city.

My piece details the wild creation of Canada’s first zombie film, Corpse Eaters. It was a blast to research and write. I had the opportunity to speak to several individuals involved and pretend like I was a journalist who knew what he was doing. I hope you enjoy! And if you’re interested, the film can be found on YouTube or purchased by following this link.

Have a happy Halloween! And don’t follow my example by drinking enough pumpkin liquor to give you alcohol poisoning. If blood is more your thing, remember you can only safely drink a Gatorade bottle full before Mole People show up and juice you like a lemon. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Check out the zine here!

New Story: THE ANDROGYNE in Splatterpunk’s Not Dead Anthology


My first anthology publication is now available. SPLATTERPUNK’S NOT DEAD, the first paperback collection published by Splatterpunk Zine, is a gorgeous volume filled with some of the best horror writers in the field. Included in its pages are original works by Shane McKenzie, Adam Cesare, Robert Essig, Nat Robinson, Jeff Strand, Mike Dickinson, Paul Shrimpton, and with an introduction by Deadite Press founder, Jeff Burk. The amazing cover art was done by Dan Henk. Needless to say, I’m very honoured to share their company.

My contribution is a body horror, breakup story called THE ANDROGYNE. I wrote it as an assignment for one of John Skipp’s classes on LitReactor. I’d been sitting on the idea for years, having first thought of it during the terminal period of one of my longterm relationships. But it was a little too close to home, so I shied away from it until I had to come up with something for Skipp’s class. It was one of those rare stories that poured out of me with little effort. I won’t be cheesy and say it was a cathartic experience, but it did prove I could write what I knew while still telling a story that’s totally bonkers and fucked up. You can pick up a copy by visiting the links below!

Print | Kindle

New Story: REBOUND in Dark Moon Digest #23



INFOMERCIAL VOICE-OVER: Are you bored with conventional intimacy? Well, look no further than your very own bowels. The tapeworm living there, feasting on your body’s nutrients, is eager to show you some love.

So it goes in my new short story published in Dark Moon Digest #23. I’m extremely excited to have my work in this magazine. It’s one of the best the horror genre has to offer.

REBOUND is the first story I wrote after deciding to give professional writing a shot, and the only one so far that made the audience laugh at a public reading. I’m used to pale faces and shocked silence, so it was a nice change of pace. Check it out!

You can buy a copy here: