New Collection: Pornography for the End of the World

*Squishy Sounds*

I am very excited to announce that preorders are now live for my upcoming collection, Pornography for the End of the World, published by the incomparable Weirdpunk Books. Check out that incredible cover art! And here’s a look at the back cover copy:

The end of the world demands a new form of pornography… 

From Brendan Vidito, the Wonderland-Award-winning author of Nightmares in Ecstasy, comes nine tales of apocalyptic body horror. 

A young man is initiated into a cult that worships sickness and disease. 

Survivors of a nuclear holocaust make a pilgrimage to the last movie theater in existence. 

Premonitions of disaster haunt a loving couple doomed to watch each other die. 

Each story pulsates with Vidito’s characteristic dark humor, atmospheric tension, and visceral prose. This is pornography for the devotee of horror, the morbidly curious—pornography for the end of the world.

“With apocalyptic urgency, Vidito strip-mines our psychosexual fears and frailties as humans to elicit an ecstatic response. I couldn’t stop reading. As a grand manipulator, he molds speculative horror and body horror into one dark hybrid, a sleek and cum-soaked vessel of transcendence.” – Joe Koch, The Wingspan of Severed Hands, Convulsive

“Audacious and devastatingly unique, Pornography for the End of the World is the literary equivalent of a Molotov cocktail with author Brendan Vidito’s fiery and explosive writing that feels utterly dangerous to read. I’m still recovering from the brutality of some of these tales.” – Eric LaRocca, Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke

With cover art by famed Polish artist Wieslaw Walkuski and design elements by Ira Rat of Filthy Loot.

The book will be released on July 31st, but you can preorder a copy here from the publisher’s website. For Canadian readers, more order options such as Amazon, Chapters, etc. will be made available in the upcoming days. I will provide an update as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support! And I hope you have an excellent day!

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